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Bring your

own phones.

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The ring-u™ Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program:

One of the guiding principles around here is: "Will it save small business owners some money?". If the answer is YES, we try and make it happen.

If we do not support your model of phone, just send us one of your handsets and we will make it a "plug-n-play" device on our Hello Hub, and send your phone back to you once we have tested that it works as it should. How many other phone companies would do that to save you money?

We know some of you have a substantial investment in perfectly good IP/SIP phones. We very much want to make your phones work as "plug-n-play" devices with our ring-u™ Hello Hub so that you are spending as little as possible in order to upgrade to a system that will make you happy and save you some money.

We are constantly adding support for makes and models of SIP phones, and you can check the list below which we keep updated on a weekly basis. We also have an "Advanced Mode" that is available in the phones configuration menu that can be used to MANUALLY (not plug-n-play) add almost any SIP device to your Hello Hub.

Currently supported "plug-n-play" phones/devices:

Grandstream: GXP-1620/1625, GXP-2130/2160, DP-750 & DP-720 cordless, HT801/802 analog/fax adapter.

Cisco: SPA-508, SPA-504G, SPA-303.

Polycom: SoundPoint IP-330, IP-335.

Lots more coming soon!

If you want to send us one of your phones so that we can add it to the "plug-n-play" list (don't worry we will send it back to you), just email us at and we will let you know how to get started!