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AMD64 based version of the Hello Hub for high loads and hostile conditions. This is based on the popular hardened Wyze/Dell no moving parts rugged workstation. Features include a large copper "heat pipe" cooling system with no fans or moving parts. We install a solid state drive for even more reliability. The Microserver has all the same features and support as our standard Hello Hub (ARM based) with one fun exception: it will talk (quietly) and tell you it's IP address and status. With more memory, storage and processing power, these units can easily support up to 50 lines and 100 extensions.


The Hello Hub manages the phones at your location and provides the connections to make your phones work.

  • Configures and manages supported phones automatically
  • Receptionists and call routing.
  • Voicemail and voicemail to email with transcription.
  • and a Whole lot more...


Unlike cloud based systems, that charge per extension (phone) per month, the Hello Hub allows ring-u to only charge for lines being used, not how many phones you own.The Hello Hub supports auto configuration on a wide range of phones. You can also manually configure any modern VoIP SIP phone device or softphone. The Hello Hub provides auto-configuration for the GS-Wave and Zoiper softphones on mobiles via QR Codez

The MicroServer Hello Hub is a good choice for mounting in server and network cabinets and/or larger system installs (20+ extensions). The MicroServer Hello Hub is an upcycled/refurbished unit with new solid state drives in "like new" condition with a 3 year warranty from

The MicroServer Hello Hub only works with ring-u telecom monthly services. Cannot be used with another service provider.

Hello Hub Plus (Micro-Server)

$499.95 Regular Price
$399.95Sale Price
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