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What is the Hello Hub?
The Hello Hub is an ARM based secure Linux server dedicated to PBX functionality. It is small, powerful, energy efficient and just the right sort of "configure and forget about it" device that is perfect for small businesses.
So what kind of software
is it running?
The basis for the Hello Hub is Debian Linux, one of the oldest, most stable, and well maintained Linux distributions in use today. Thousands of businesses rely on Debian every day to get their work done.
We utilize a customized version of Asterisk for our PBX functionality. Asterisk is the #1 digital PBX solution in use around the world today.
The most important piece of software resides on our servers: The Customer Portal. Our Portal will enable almost any non-geek to set up and administer their own PBX in minutes.
What's inside the Hello Hub?
  1. Quad core 1.3 ghz processor. This gives us plenty of horsepower to process up to 20 concurrent calls at a time.
  2. RAM: 1gb Samsung DDR3.
  3. Storage: 8 gb Samsung EMMC. Fast and dependable.
  4. Status and diagnostic LED's (3: red, yellow, multi-color).
  5. 1000 mah Lithium-Ion battery. Up to 4 hrs run-time without power. Prevents reboots and glitches due to quick power outages.
  6. MicroSD card slot for up to 64 gb of expanded storage.
  7. Dual USB 2.0 connectors for future expansion.