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getting started with ring-u

Step 1:
Is ring-u right for you?
We have designed our system and services for main street America. Small businesses of many types such as independent realtors, accountants, lawyers, contractors, doctors offices, retail and distribution and many others can benefit from our low prices and ease of use.
Here are businesses that are not a good fit: 
  1. ​Call Centers, robo-callers, tele-spammers.
  2. Companies that only need a single phone line
  3. Companies that need more than 30 lines, or 99 extensions.
  4. Companies that have/need specialized software that integrates with specific phone systems.
  5. Companies that need very extensive detailed support. Example: If you need a tech to set up a basic wireless router, we are not a good fit, unless of course you get a tech to set your Hello Hub up for you. We are the most DIY solution available but not everyone is techie.
Step 3:
Buy a Hello Hub
Buy it here or buy it on Amazon, whichever makes you most comfortable.
Keep in mind you are going to need some extensions (phones) to use with the Hello Hub. You will buy those next if you need them.
Step 2:
Line Test 
So you want to save money and grief over your phone system by becoming a ring-u customer?
Well, since it is based on VOIP phone service the first thing to do is to test the QUALITY of your internet service and connection. This is NOT the same as a speed test. Internet speed is important but there are some other qualifications that are even more important, so click the button below from your workplace network (preferably a wired connection), and lets see if you are ready to buy a Hello Hub.
Step 4:
Do you need phones?
We support the many Grandstream IP phones,  Atcom phones and some Cisco, Polycom and Htek models too. The list of supported devices is always growing and can be found HERE.

You can also use cell phones as extensions either by downloading the Zoiper or Grandstream Wave app for iOS or Android, or simply forwarding your calls to your cellular number as a remote extension.
You may buy the Grandstream phones from us, or from Amazon, or anywhere else you like.
Step 5:
Create your Account
Now that your Hello Hub and IP phones have arrived, you can create your ring-u account. There is no need for a credit card at this stage.

Once that is complete you will log into your new account and begin the actual set-up process. During this step you will:  
  1. Choose to transfer a number or get a new one.
  2. Decide how many voice lines you need.
  3. Do you need a fax number too?
At the end of this process you agree to our terms, see your total bill, and enter your credit card number to begin your service. 
Now that you have service we can register your Hello Hub to our system and start setting up greetings, call flow, extensions, and mailboxes in Step 6.
Step 6:
Set-up the Hello Hub
Now it is time to plug up your Hello Hub to power and ethernet. Once it is showing the ring-u logo and local IP address on the front screen you are ready to begin configuring your system.

Over the next few minutes you will plug up your phones and assign extensions, create a call flow, set up your digital receptionists, and record voicemail greetings.

Once your basic system is set up you can begin deep customizations through your user portal and our easy to use dashboard. Check out some screen shots from the user portal:
Step 7:
Finish the job!
Congratulations! You now have a working professional PBX for about the same price as a decent laser printer. You also have a little bitty phone bill with NO CONTRACT attached!

If you transferred your number we will be emailing you some final steps that are VERY IMPORTANT! We will not be able to successfully transfer (port) your number without all of the items requested. You will be able to take advantage of your new system immediately by forwarding calls from your old number to your new (temporary) ring-u number until your old number is successfully transferred. The faster you get us the info we need, the sooner you get to fire the old phone company and start paying only 1 phone bill!
Thank you! We love you!
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