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This is a thank you note we received recently that had $120 inside. He tipped us because we actually provided customer service. We took $120 off of the customer's bill, thanked him profusely, and explained that you don't have to pay us extra to to get great customer service. It's what you should expect; and it's what we do.

Some of our Amazon reviews:

Ella Anne    

                          literally love this. I am not tech savvy                         


February 19, 2018                                                                                             Verified Purchase

We were one of their first customers, literally love this. I am not tech savvy, but it was so easy to put together and even though it was a Saturday, the phones were up and going so fast. Big upgrade from what we were using before and we installed it ourselves! Love the team, they really work hard to customize everything to what you want, VERY REASONABLE pricing . ONLINE website is phenomenal, and love the operator. It really helped so much with getting the calls to the right place and saving money on a real secretary that directs calls. LOVE LOVE LOVE, and recommend 1000% ! GET IT! Started out with one line, now I have 5, and continue to add lines. There is nothing better than this system!


Peter Boll

                           all has been working great since. Do note however that the advertised 'remote ...

April 13, 2018                                                                                                     Verified Purchase

The system was very simple to set up and makes using IP phones dummy-proof. Simply plug in a supported phone anywhere on your network and the Hub automatically detects and configures it. Despite some complications with our ISP and other equipment, once that was figured out, all has been working great since. Do note however that the advertised 'remote extensions' is only for land lines and cell phones, it does not currently have the ability to connect to IP phones outside the network which is something I made an assumption on before purchasing. The other benefits outweigh this for us however and look forward to future upgrades that may support this.


Buddy Riddle

                           Very great product, and super easy to setup!

January 11, 2018                                                                                                Verified Purchase

It was super simple to setup this device! It was nicely packaged, and the instructions were right on top when you opened the box. Followed the steps, and within 30 or so minutes, I was receiving and sending phone calls over the internet directly to my IP phone. Highly recommend!

Michael Rowland

                          Does exactly what we need it to. Great product! Great support!

November 11, 2017                                                                                           Verified Purchase

So far this has been a great product for us. Gives us a much more professional feeling phone system than what we had previously. Very simple to setup - probably could have easily set up without any help. However, we did call and get support during the setup process. A real person answered the phone immediately and they were very friendly and helpful. We love all of the configurable features and the ease of use and we're excited about continuing to use it.



                          Excellent Phone System

November 7, 2017                                                                                             Verified Purchase

Ring U is the most functional and user friendly phone system! We love the ability to manage the system from anywhere, and customize everything at an amazing price. The customer service is outstanding, and they are always there to help! I would highly recommend the Ring U Hello Hub to every small business.


Amazon Customer

                           Just Plug It In and It Works!!!!

November 24, 2017                                                                                           Verified Purchase

I really don’t know much about phone systems, I just wanted something simple that just plugs in and works. That is exactly what this little box does. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Welcome E.

                           Two Stars

May 6, 2018                                                                                                        Verified Purchase

Good product, but only work with ring-u service, I'm returning it.


Joda Collins

                          the important thing is that I am delighted with it

April 10, 2018

(I bought my Hello-hub from the ring-u website not Amazon. Regardless of where I bought it, the important thing is that I am delighted with it.) I have a small business, and for nine years I have been looking for a sophisticated telephone answering system that has all of the benefits of the kind of answering system, heretofore, only available to big business. I've tried a few, and ring-u is AWESOME! Their automated receptionist is customized to your business needs, and as a secondary but great benefit, it reduces your telemarketing calls. Mine are reduced by 98%. The money I save in lost production time with not having to deal with telemarketing call interruptions pays for this system/service! I do not get 10 cents for referring anyone to Ring-U and do not want any money for doing so. However, the product and service are so outstanding, it is a crime if any business, small or large, is without them. The product, service and price are all excellent. After you get your system up and running, you will thank me. Be patient with the time and work it might take to set it up for you. Remember, it is customized to your business so it takes more time and work than a generic answering machine ("Hi. Leave your number at the beep"), but it is worth the time and energy investment many, many times over.