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Our Cloud Softphone App

Acrobits Cloud Softphone

Ring-U has licensed the Acrobits Cloud Softphone, a powerful “white label” popular application available in the iOS and Android App Stores. Note that the iOS variant shows Alien Licensing as the vendor, this is correct.


Features of Acrobits Cloud Softphone for ring-u

  • Auto Configuration via QR Code or a simple form.

  • Push Notifications. Saves battery life, works better on mobile data.

  • TLS/SSIP connections: Works better punching through various firewalls/Wifi/ISP's and provides a reasonable level of encryption/security. 

  • Contacts Integration with your Ring-U phone system

  • Park, hold, and transfer features that work just like a desk phone.

  • Also works on tablets (iPad etc).

Free to you on both app stores.

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