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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for the system to work?


First you will need a high speed high quality internet connection. The ring-u phone system is all centered around the Hello Hub. This is the “brain” of the system and is often called a PBX. You will also need extensions, which can be IP desk phones such as the Grandstream GXP 1625, or can even be your cellular phone.


What happens if we lose internet access? Do we need a backup phone number?


We provide the ability to forward phone calls to a backup number. This can be a mobile phone, Google Voice number, or even a traditional land line. In the event that we are not able to contact your Hello Hub, calls will be routed to the number you have provided.


How do people reach me? Can I transfer my existing number?


Absolutely! At the time of initial setup, ring-u will supply you with a temporary phone number and walk you through the transfer process. While this is going on, keep the service with your current provider active, and have them forward calls to your temporary ring-u number. We will alert you when the transfer is complete so that you can cancel your previous service.

Is unlimited really unlimited?


It is indeed! Any usage inside the limitations of our Terms and Conditions is eligible for unlimited calling. We enforce this on a case by case basis in the event that a subscriber is clearly abusing the service (i.e. call centers, Tele-Spamming, etc.).


What about 911/emergency service?


We support E911 as part of our service. We have done all we can to ensure the reliability of our service, but since ring-u relies on an internet connection, we do not consider our E911 to be a suitable substitute for all of our customers. For absolute safety every business should maintain either a true land line or have cellular phones present for emergency calling. The reason is simple: With any VOIP service such as ours you can not make an emergency call if your internet is down.


What about international calls?


We have extremely competitive international rates that start as low as 2¢ a minute. You will need to add money to your ring-u wallet in order to place international calls since we are a pre-paid service.


Do I need a line for every extension?


Not with ring-u! We charge you per line and you can have as many as you need or as few as 2, and you can have up to 200+ extensions (depending on equipment), without increasing  your bill. See the explanation below regarding lines, extensions, and numbers.


What’s the difference between a Line, Extension, and Phone Number?


A line can be best explained as the ability to have an active phone call. With 5 lines you can have up to 5 people on the phone (with outside callers) at the same time. Internal (extension to extension) calls are unlimited.


An extension is simply a phone or other telecom device on your system such as a FAX machine or a virtual extension (calls forwarded to an external number, such as a cellular phone) .


A phone number is a way to call in to the phone system. Many businesses have a main number, a FAX number, and a back line that often rings the bosses phone directly, bypassing the digital receptionist.


We have separated lines, extensions, and numbers, so that we only charge for what you need. If you have a lot of extensions but only need the ability to have a few people on the phone at any given time, you can have far fewer lines than extensions. You can also purchase different numbers so that customers and colleagues can reach different segments of your business quickly and easily.


What if I want to cancel my service?


No problem,  We don't "do" contracts. If you’ve found that we’re not the right fit, you have no obligation to continue your subscription. You can cancel at any time by calling customer service. We do have a 72 hour policy in order to protect businesses from losing service if the cancellation was in error. (yes this happens)


What if I need FAX?


By default, a ring-u phone system is not set up to receive faxes. However, ring-u supports T38 FAX reception and can either convert those faxes to .pdf and email them, or route the fax calls to a physical FAX machines by utilizing a Grandstream HT801. Learn more by reading the FAX Configuration page on our WiKi.

Even more helpful information can be found on our WiKi (here).

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