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Supported Phones and Devices
This means when you plug them into your network, the Hello Hub will automatically find them and configure them.

ring-u and granstream IP phones are so easy to set-up

Plug-nPlay Softphone "apps"

Acrobits Cloud Softphone: Free for both iOS and Android, only works with virtual or cloud systems.

3rd Party Unsupported Options

The Hello Hub will only work well with the supported devices above. It is possible to configure non-supported devices, however we strongly prefer that our customers stick to supported devices. The reason is simple: User experience. We can only promise a simple and trouble free experience if you utilize the devices we have tested and support. It is far too easy to blame us for a multitude of ills when trying to use an unsupported device. If you are willing and able to manually configure unsupported devices, then feel free to do so, just don't expect anything not listed above to be "plug-n-play".

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