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Complex Systems or Large Deployments

As a company we focus on providing services to truly small businesses, but sometimes we have customers that are growing rapidly and/or just need more. This plan is the starting point for filling those needs. We also find that customers that fit these qualifications typically have greater tech support needs and this plan helps us to offer that additional support. Unlike many others in the telecom space, we work very hard to make sure that our rates are fair and applied to all accounts in the same way.

If your business meets any of the following criteria, this will be your base plan:

  • Three or more domestic locations (a location is any place of business with more than 1 extension).

  • Thirty or more extensions of any type, including soft-phone and/or virtual.

  • One or more international locations or extensions.

Features included in plan:

  • Keep your existing number(s) or get new ones.

  • 8 HD VOIP voice lines (8 concurrent calls)

  • 2 local phone numbers (1 can be fax number)

  • Unlimited calling to USA & Canada*

  • No long distance charges

  • Intercom, transfer,  paging**, groups, voicemail + more.

  • Includes e911 service.

  • Electronic Fax to email ($9.95 value)

  • SMS/Text from business # ($9.95 value)

  • Conference Rooms ($9.95 value)

  • Voicemail Transcription ($9.95 value)

  • System Backup & Restore ($19.95 value)

  • Private Cloud server ($19.95 value)


a month

Additional charges for: more than 2 numbers and 8 lines, any a la carte features from our list (800 numbers etc)

* does not apply to toll based numbers

** some applications may require additional hardware

Please contact us for additional details or clarification.

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