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Objections to using the ring-u service:

Objection #1: What happens if your service isn't that great and I want to change to another provider?

Well of course we hope this doesn't happen, but if it does, leaving us is easy, and doesn't even require you to call us and argue. You can cancel your service right from your "user portal" on the ring-u site. There is a button named "Cancel Service" that you can see in the image below. This will take you to a second page that asks you if you want to cancel now, or wait till the end of the billing cycle. If you need to transfer your number(s) away from our service you will want to do so before stopping our service, or the number will be lost. This is not our policy, it is another irritating bug inherent in how the Telecom world works (sorry). We promise to transfer your number to your new service provider as fast as it can be done, which will be determined by how fast that provider gives us the industry standard paperwork. We will release your number immediately once the necessary forms are in our hands. Here are the screen shots of how to cancel your service:

No Contract VOIP Service

Objection #2: How stable is ring-u's VOIP service and platform? What happens if your servers go down?

We use the largest providers in the VOIP Telecom industry to carry our traffic. We have multiple levels of redundancy to insure you are never without service due to anything that would be our responsibility. It is extremely likely that your current service is in fact using the same backbone that we use here at ring-u.

If our servers were to melt down and have to be completely reconstructed our customers would never lose service, or miss a call. Unlike "cloud" service providers, your service is provided and managed by your ring-u Hello Hub. This is the inherent strength of having an "on-site" PBX vs one in the cloud. Other than modifying your system settings when you make changes to your system, our servers do not impact your daily operations. We of course also have multiple redundancies for our customer portal servers that configure and manage your Hello Hub.

How likely is it other providers would be this transparent, or straight-forward answering these necessary, but difficult questions?

We care a great deal about our customers and want each of you to make good solid decisions about your phone service.

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