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About Us

We are a company that spends every day trying to find ways to help small business owners save money and be more successful. There is truly no excuse for either the cost of purchasing a modern phone system, or the crazy lease plans offered by your local service providers. Most of them are brigands and highwaymen trying to stick you with a bill that is just too much money for most small businesses.


That is why we created the ring-u Hello Hub with small business phone services. It is our belief that we are offering the lowest cost, highest quality small business phone system and service available today.


We don't do contracts. Contracts are used by companies that are charging you too much and providing you with too little. Customer retention should be a function of keeping you happy with both price and service.

Our People

Phil Sieg CEO and Founder ring-u llc, low cost DIY plug n play small business phone systems with low cost VOIP service

Phil Sieg - Founder & CEO


I am an US Army veteran that served in the Gulf War. I have built, managed, and harvested 2 prior companies, both of which were small businesses. In so doing I have become well acquainted with the challenges small businesses face every day. The idea that eventually became ring-u was born more than 15 years ago, when I was growing my first business. We needed a phone system, so we called in a couple of local communications companies. When we got the quote for a PBX (hub), and a handful of phones, we almost choked. I told the salesman that was enough money to buy a new car! Could there be some kind of mistake? He said that the price was correct, so I threw him out.  I wound up building our first phone system from scratch, because we couldn't afford to buy one.

Mike Harrison - Co-Founder & Chief Technologist


A former Air Force Biomedical Electronics Technician and Clinical Engineer, Mike started his first business providing technical services to regional hospitals.  That evolved into a software and services business including building Chattanooga's first internet service provider.  Selling that business led to Mike helping to build several other technology companies, the most recent endeavor: building customer facing systems for utility companies around the world.  Mike has leveraged over 20 years of experience with internet and telecommunications technology to create a feature laden phone system that any internet savvy person can install and manage.

Mike Harrison - Co-Founder & Chief Technologist
Nick Lombardy - Spikey Haired Kid & Employee #1

Nick Lombardy - Spikey Haired Kid & Employee #1


As a Chattanooga native, Nick is no stranger to the startup and technology world. He has owned and operated an independent IT consulting company for the last seven years. Nick's been a maker, a gearhead, a bike mechanic, a sound technician, and a computer repairman, but when we approached him about ring-u, he didn't have the sense to run away. According to Nick "I saw the opportunity to sharpen my software skills, and focus on a company that I have real faith in. I can confidently say, since day one, I have been certain we have a system that emphasizes the empowerment of small businesses, and I’m looking forward to continually improving our service to better meet the needs of our customers." ( I think he sounds more like a salesman than a spikey haired kid.)

Blake Eslinger (and Brucey-poo) - "How can I help?"

Blake was admittedly a quick hire. We were in a jam (Nick got a fantastic job offer) and we had almost no time to look for a replacement. If we had looked for a year we could not have found anyone half as good as Blake. He is our rock, and our customer service Rock-Star. We are also pretty fond of his son Bruce. Blake has turned into an indispens-able part of the ring-u family, and we are so thankful he is helping our customers every day.

Blake Eslinger Technical Support Hero
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