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How does ring-u fit in the hospitality business?

ring-u phone systems for hotel and motel hospitality

Hospitality/Hotel applications

If you are a small hotel operator one of the more expensive things you have to deal with is your phone system needs, and costs of phone services. Ring-u can make both of these easier and less expensive, especially if you have legacy equipment and want to re-do your system on a budget.

Use your old room phones with a new system:

In most cases we can adapt your old analog room phones to the ring-u system as long as all of your connections terminate in one area, typically the "telephone closet".


Monthly bill:  we have special flat rate plans for these uses, please contact us for details. You will not be able to just choose one of our standard plans due to regional e911 requirements and liability. We can assure you that our Hospitality Flat-Rate plans are as reasonable as our standard plans.

Please contact us for additional details

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