Of course you can keep your phone number!

In fact if you have multiple numbers, you can keep them all! Every ring-u subscriber gets one local phone number (included in the starter package), unlimited calling to USA & Canada* with no long distance charges, call groups, call queueing, voicemail to email, and e911 service! Additional lines/calls, numbers, and services are all available so that you can tailor your own plan and save money.

ring-u no-contract rates
Starter Package (required)
$59.95 mo.

2 standard voip voice lines (2 concurrent calls) with 1 local phone number, unlimited calling to USA & Canada*, no long distance charges, call groups, hunt groups, voicemail to email, and e911 service. Keep your existing number or get a new one.

Additional Lines
$24.95 mo.

1 additional voip voice line ( adds 1 additional concurrent call) with unlimited calling to USA & Canada*, no long distance charges.

Total System Recovery & Replacement
$29.95 mo.

Nightly encrypted back-up of all settings and files (recordings and voicemails) to off site servers PLUS Hello Hub equipment replacement and overnight shipment free of charge. In the case of a catastrophic event (fire/flood/lightning etc) we will replace your system (PBX) free of charge with free overnight shipping so that your business can continue. Just plug up your new Hello Hub and your system is exactly as it was before the catastrophic event.

Additional Local Number
$4.95 mo.

1 additional local telephone number (DID) for voice calls NOT faxing. Useful if you want a number that rings directly to a specific extension.

Toll Free Number
$4.95 mo.

Toll Free number for inbound voice calls, NOT for faxing. All inbound toll free calls billed @ 2¢ per minute.

Paperless Fax Number

T38 enabled VOIP fax number and FREE fax to email as a PDF file. Can also be sent to your fax machine, HT801 adapter required.

$9.95 mo.
Toll Free Paperless Fax Number

Toll Free T38 enabled number for inbound faxes. All inbound toll free calls billed @.02¢ per minute. Can also be sent to your fax machine, HT801 adapter required.

$9.95 mo.
Conference Room

System Teleconference room. Allows multiple callers to hold conferences by calling into your system and dialing a conference room extension.

$9.95 mo.
Call Recording

Allows call recording to a digital mailbox. Nice to have for recording long detailed conference calls.

$9.95 mo.
International Calling
   2¢ min
and up

Pre-Pay for discounted international calling by filling your ring-u wallet. Rates as low as .02¢ a minute. Check our international rates here.

*Calls inside the continental USA and most of Canada. See detailed RATES for clarification.

To take advantage of our services you will need the following:

1. A high speed, low latency internet connection. Test your connection here.

2. Our Hello Hub plug-n-play small business PBX. We do not sell our services for use with other brands or types of equipment/systems because we would have no control over hardware specification, quality, ease of use or troubleshooting.

3. SIP handsets such as the Grandstream GXP 1625 (which we sell here), or a cell phone can be used as an extension either by using an app, or by forwarding the call to your cellular number (virtual extension).

Any questions? Call us : 423.567.4888 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST
ring-u is a BBB accredited business


The ring-u business telephone service  does not include high-speed Internet or broadband service which is required for operation. Free calling offered in the United States only. Federal universal service charges, FCC regulatory fee, state and local taxes, fees & surcharges and regulatory and compliance fees are billed monthly and are subject to change. Some enhanced features may require an additional monthly service fee and may also require additional peripheral devices that are sold separately. Unlimited U.S. calls are subject to normal business usage limitations. Like any product or service, The ring-u Hello Hub and ring-u service may not be the right choice for your business, and we DO NOT support or allow the use of our service for call centers/robo-calling/or tele-spamming operations. See terms and conditions for current usage limitations. International calls are billed per minute and must be prepaid.  ring-u E911 service operates differently from conventional/pots/landline 911 service.  See e911 for details. Some alarms, faxes and other devices may not be compatible. Additional terms apply, see terms and conditions

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