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This is the ultimate busy receptionist phone.


The GRP2615 is a 10-line carrier-grade IP phone with GBX20 extension module (sidecar) support. We sell this phone with 1 sidecar (display / control panel) and it will support up to 4 total. While this phone will work over WiFi, if your office needs a phone like this for a receptionist, it should be on wired ethernet.


  • Bluetooth Headset Support (most generic bluetooth "trucker style" headsets work well)
  • Wired Headset Support


This bundle is 1 phone and 1 sidecar/extension module.
If you would like to add/purchase more sidecar (GXB20) extension modules, please contact us directly. Ring-u's system only supports the sidecar with the GRP2615 and we want to confirm usage and compatibility. You may elect to manually configure these, or let the system manage them for you automatically.


The GBX20 is an Extension Module that adds functionality, versatility and flexibility to Grandstream’s GRP2615 Carrier-Grade IP Phone. It features a 272x480 LCD display that offers up to 40 contacts per module with support for up to 160 contact s by using 4 modules. The GBX20 supports a wide-range of advanced call features including BLF, call park /pick-up, speed-dial, presence, intercom, voice conferencing transfer/forward and much more. An ideal solution for businesses and receptionists managing high call volumes, the GBX20 ensures maximum productivity by efficiently monitoring and dispatching incoming calls.

Grandstream GRP2615 + Sidecar (Wired,WiFi, & BT)

$349.95 Regular Price
$299.95Sale Price
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